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We believe that what you surround yourself with outside, nurtures what you feel on the inside. That’s why we are offering workshops and classes for well being.

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Learn More About Yoga Roslyn

In recent years, Yoga has become somewhat of a fad, often spotlighted as something for hipsters and "new-agers." What people fail to realize is there's nothing "new" about Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient Hindu physical and spiritual discipline used to balance one's body and mind through breath control, meditation, and specific body positions. Some people merely use Yoga for fitness; toning muscles, and increasing flexibility. While Yoga does strengthen your body, there's a spiritual connection, as well. Today, Yoga is widely used for health and relaxation, but the spiritual portion is sometimes left out.

You see, most people search outside of themselves for fulfillment that being in a relationship can make them happy, or if only we had more money, we would be happier. We're always striving for what's next instead of appreciating what we have now at this very moment. We are caught up in "doing" rather than "being". It's difficult for some people to grasp the concept of meditation, the discipline of quieting all thoughts. But it is within that inner silence that answers will come to you, and your innate knowing will shine brightly, allowing you to achieve happiness, knowledge of self, gratitude, and peace from the inside out; not from external sources. That's where Yoga comes in.

Yoga offers a means of stilling the natural turbulence of your mind to bring forth the answers and fulfillment that's already inside of you. By practicing this discipline over time, you will be able to use your mind as a conduit of feeling your own truth.

Over the past few centuries, the science of Yoga has been lost and misunderstood due to the overall lower consciousness of mankind. But now, "modern" science is confirming what the ancients already knew; that we are all one. Recent scientific developments prove that all things are energy that interact with other forms of energy, a.k.a, everything, including our individual consciousness, is a part of one connected, unifying consciousness. The word "yoga" itself means "union"!

Yoga is a great discipline to learn; it not only stretches and tones the muscles in your body, it also stretches and tones your spiritual muscles as well! By strengthening the body and centering the mind, Yoga connects the body with the spirit and connects the soul to the universal consciousness. Talk about a well-rounded workout!