Gallery Artists

Atelier Ball

Hiram Ball came to figurative sculpting as an extension to his business career via a series of unique turns, and genetics. His grandparents had a talent for painting and could claim Charles M. Russell and his protégé, Joe deYong, as friends when they had their ranch in Idaho in the early 1900’s. In addition, his mother was a respectable painter, so the visual arts were always in the home, as well as an environment that appreciated the arts while growing up on a working farm outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

However, the entrepreneurial spirit took over after a stint in the Marines and college. “Creating a business or creating a work of art draws on the same creative instincts,” is his position. While training sculptors and giving workshops on how to use several of the products he developed to cast their work he became intrigued with doing his own figurative sculpting and life casting. Taking workshops with some of the best figurative sculptors and extensive study of anatomy convinced him that clay, molds and bronze were his medium.

“To me, the human body is the most unique form in the world when you consider how it moves and conveys emotion and energy. The stories it tells, if you only look. My goal is to interpret that in clay first and then into a permanent bronze casting, for others to enjoy. It is a difficult quest. The fun is trying to capture it. Viewing Rodin’s “She Who Was Once the Helmet-Maker’s Beautiful Wife” and the “Gates of Hell” in Paris had a strong impact on reinforcing this decision to become a figurative sculptor.

An Orleans, MA resident, he currently is working from his studio in Harwich, MA.

Hannah Benoche

Hannah Benoche is a Minneapolis-based artist and musician working primarily within the media of ink and watercolor. Much of her work features the fascinating juxtaposition between the beautiful and the macabre. Drawing heavy inspiration from animals and their skeletal anatomy, Hannah creates pieces that, in her own uniquely surrealistic way, touch on social issues close to her heart. Themes of Feminism, Pro-Choice rights, positive body image and the folly of organized religion can be found in her work; alongside an artistic interpretation of the effects of nuclear war and the impending doom of apocalypse. In addition, Hannah calls upon the Crust Punk and Black Metal genres of music to incorporate the iconic imagery of pentagrams and inverted crosses sometimes found in her work. Hannah has also completed three series of works derived from her interests in horror films and astrology. Particularly of note are the two separate series done in honor of the modern and Chinese Zodiac signs. With such a distinctive and accessible style, Hannah's body of work showcases the perspective of a burgeoning artist with unwavering musings and flourishing natural potential.

Daniella Cippitelli

Daniella has been an artist since her early childhood, with her work being presented in several art exhibitions. Early on in her professional career she dedicated herself to graphic design, she served in a variety of senior-level creative roles with ad agencies and publishing companies after graduating college with a B.F.A. in Arts Management. Daniella also holds an M.A. in Media Studies and an A.A. in Commercial Art. In 2010 she retired from publishing to co-found an online marketing/web development agency. In the later part of 2013 she sold her shares of the company to her business partner to pursue her philanthropic effort with the Magic Happens Foundation, the non-profit she founded in 2012 to bring fitness and nutrition to individuals going through cancer treatment, and to dedicate more time to her fine art creative pursuits.

Her work is comprised mostly of abstract paintings in oil or acrylic and photography. She plays with fluid movements in her painting style and her photography takes on angles and approaches you might not expect. A lifetime of travel and creative endeavors allows her to for the depth of her experiences onto a canvas or through a lens.

“I have always been attracted to water. Its movement, how it effects its surroundings and the way it resonates with people. My abstract paintings take on that same fluidity for me. The paint is like water moving across the canvas. I like to play with shapes and lines giving life to my pieces so they take on an individual meaning and feeling for the viewer. It is my hope to stir emotion, so you don’t just see the work but feel something as well. My work is never finished with me. It is finished when someone claims it as theirs and gives it meaning. "

As well as being an artist in her own right, she is the owner/founder of The Breadth Within Art Gallery in Roslyn, NY. The gallery represents her own work as well as the work of other artists.

Michael Dowling

Michael Dowling lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Michael started drawing at a very young age, but didn't formally begin to practice art until the age of 25. His studies brought him to Florence, Italy where he spent several years exploring the intersection of classical art practices with contemporary theory. He has exhibited extensively throughout the US and Italy.

Michaels recent press includes a "best of Westword", for contemporary realism, 2016 as well as a top 20 artists at LA Art Show 2016, Huffington Post.s.

I'm clearly neither a photographer or model. I'll stick with painting." - MJ

Nadia Mierau

Nadia Mierau is educated in both sciences and in art. This attributes to her love for the combination of realistic and abstract, sometimes surreal approach to her mixed medium paintings and collages.

Unique use of color and love for innovative techniques makes her art different. One of the techniques, she was in particular fond of is batik. Combination of creatively controlled forms in an artwork with spontaneous details appearing due to the use of hot wax and fabric dyes in this technique was fascinating to her.

Besides fine art training, Nadia Smirnova-Mierau holds an MS in Physics from Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Her specialty was nuclear physics, elementary particles. After graduation, she worked at the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia. In 1997 she relocated to New York. She also has been studying and practicing astrology for more than 15 years. She is applying her scientific background to her research in astrology as well as readings.

All that technical education, spiritual search & creative talent fuses into a distinctive style of painting & creative expression. Forms & colors representing Life tend to find comfort in coexistence with dry abstract, seemingly dead, spheres, lines, squares and other shapes.

Nadia has participated in group exhibits and had solo shows in Russia and US. She has sold a lot of her original paintings and giclee reproductions over the years.

Todd Saal

Todd Saal started life out as an artist and musician. As an artist he undertook formal training in pastels, oil, and sculpture. After a few years playing music and painting, he entered the technology field where he went on to own his own company. Through his approach to mentoring Todd managed many technology, creative and operational teams in a variety of industries for over 20 years, but music and art were never far from his focus. A few years ago he decided to reconnect with his creative side, drawing and painting while on the road as a way to manage stress.

During this time Todd expanded his creativity by attempting to learn how to paint in watercolor. A previously ill-fated attempt when he was younger made this more of a challenge. As he became obsessed with the medium he quickly realized that watercolor is not for one to control as in other mediums. You’re never in complete control with watercolor. This is what he has come to love the most. His paintings are done mostly ‘en plein air’. His work attempts to tell visual stories of the places and people he observes.

Todd, a native New Yorker has recently moved to Nashville Tennessee where he is now reinventing himself again by living a creative life once more.

Nadia Sivokoneva

Born into a family of artists, I learned the basics of art at a very young age. Art has been a passion my entire life, and I have always wanted this to be the foundation of my professional career.

That passion has led me from my quiet hometown to the artistic center of the world, New York City. The Big Apple has required a lot of hard work and survival skills, yet it has provided a wonderful foundation and inspiration for many of my projects. What started as small projects in the houses of friends and acquaintances has grown into bookings for indoor murals and interior design projects around the tri-state area. MurAlart123 has grown into a company and a team of artists with a large and sophisticated clientele.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Interior Design and Art from Nizhny Novgorod State University in Nighniy Novgorod, Russia.